About Us

High Quality Rental Housing
In Philadelphia Since 2001

Since 2001

We Specialize in Small Unit Development

Wilson-Drake Development strives to be the premier developer of small-unit apartment buildings in the City of Philadelphia. There is a great need for housing in the city, yet there are approximately 30,000 vacant lots, most in areas that have not seen new investment in many decades. We purchase lots in these neighborhoods and build new, moderately priced apartment rentals. We currently manage 33 apartments in seven buildings.

We offer a quality product at an affordable price and a high level of customer service to our tenants and buyers. Our value proposition is that we provide well-designed apartments with good amenities at an affordable price point. We have found that our demographic will move to an up-and-coming neighborhood when provided the right product at the right price. Our vacancy rates are consistently low and the quality of the tenants we attract is excellent. We breathe life into neighborhoods. We look forward to creating more great spaces to live for working Philadelphians.

Our Commitment

Over the next five years, we are committed to bringing 100 new units to market.

As a certified women and minority owned business, Wilson-Drake is participating in the Growing Diverse Housing Developers Program funded by Wells Fargo. The program seeks to assist developers of color in building, owning, and operating high-quality, affordable housing. They are investing $30 million in 27 real estate developers across the country. Our commitment over the next five years is to bring 100 new units to market.

Social Impact

We believe our company has a large social impact on the communities where we are located. We provide much-needed capital investment in neighborhoods that have seen years of disinvestment and neglect. Our developments typically attract additional investment from other developers and have a transforming impact on crime, housing, and safety.